KAIJU MELT MONSTERS and other tight shit...
For about the past 14 years I have painted on glass using various materials from spray paint to enamel to masking tape to papers. I have never limited the materials used in any "painting" and through enough trial and error I found a system and it worked! I used to design t-shirts under the name MonsterArm, most of which were Horror/Sci-Fi related. For the past few years solid I have been making custom toys very much inspired by japanese kaiju figures. I call them MeltMonsters. They have been a blast and I have been cranking them out left and right. I made a "toy a day" for the entire year of 2012. Most of 2013 I have been doing collaboration work with a few different toy painters which has been great. Topheroy has been my paint partner in toy making crime. He is an unbelievable painter and he turns my MeltMonsters in to a whole new beast. The link for his shop is in the top navigation bar. Toph and I usually release a bunch of works once or twice a month. We have a lot of projects in the works so check back often. As for 2014 I fell I have turned a new leaf in my MeltMonsters and Im making new and much better figures. Lots of them are inspired by characters from Yo Gabba Gabba. Thanks in advance and enjoy!

I have a new shop in addition to my Etsy shop that I have been mostly using for the MeltMonsters. That link as well is in the navigation bar above.

As a side note, people should not ask an artist how they did something or what they did to make it happen. Have some respect. Tread lightly on other artists work, when you rip someones style off you usually just look silly.